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Watch Live Basket Serie A

 Currently, the Lega Basket Serie A in Italy 16 teams playing against each other in round-robin stage for the eighth playoff spot. With a total of 20 championships and 14 other finals appearances, AJ Milano currently has the record for most successful team in Italy. However, it should be mentioned that all Monte Paschi Siena favorite to win all for several years. In fact, the team from Tuscany to win the title three consecutive times between 2006 and 2009. High levels of the game leading the series, is credited with a total of four courses € League, are among the best in Europe. In 2008-09, representing Montepaschi Siena, AJ Milano, Air Avellino and Lottomatica Roma Lega Basket Serie Euro League competition at the state.

In contrast to the European basketball league, Lega Basket Serie A has been several years since its founding in 1920. Although the series received much attention in the early years, change the items in the nineties, when it established a large number of European players themselves in the NBA.

However, the main reason why Lega Basket Serie continues A note from abroad, the number of talented players in the league can be seen over the last decade. Specifically, the players play NBA celebrities like Andrea Bargnani and Marco Bellinelli, Mike A Antoni, Toni Kukoc, Danilo Gallinari and Dejan Bodiroga in Lega Basket Serie A, before North America.

Similarly, the series has become a popular destination for outstanding young players from the United States to play professionally after high school to choose a traditional college route selection. In 2009, the point guard Brandon Jennings more than 10 selected by the Milwaukee Bucks after playing a year taken for Lottomatica Roma.